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Artisan Cheese is handmade in small batches. Everything is done by hand in our small cheese plant. The milk is poured into the vat using good, old-fashioned muscle power. The culture and enzymes are measured and stirred in by hand. Curd is cut by hand, stirred by hand and then hand-packed into moulds to drain the whey. Then, the cheese is hand-packaged for sale.

Farmstead means that the milk used to produce cheese must come from animals milked on-site. Because we have both a dairy and a cheese making operation, we can claim the rare title of farmstead cheese. This means that we control the quality of the milk from the animal to the cheese. Factors such as barn cleanliness, feeding practices, animal husbandry, and milk handling are all monitored by the cheesemaker because good practices produce great cheese.

There are over 1,400 named cheeses. Victory Hill Farm currently produces four goats' milk cheeses: Gouda, Feta, Mozzarella, and both traditional and flavored Chevre.

Gouda: Our goats' milk Gouda is a semi-hard Dutch style cheese. It is smooth and velvety with carmel undertones and a bone-white color. The pasteurized, cultured milk is converted to curds and whey and then formed into 10 and 20 pound wheels. After a salt brine bath, the cheese is coated and aged for at least 90 days. Wedges are vacuum-sealed for sale and cost $4 - $7. Try it melted, shredded or simply as a snack. This portable child pleaser with its piquant taste is sure to become a favorite!   
Feta: While Feta is traditionally made from a combination of sheep and goat milk, our Greek style Feta is made from pure goats' milk.  After draining the curd in pyramid-shaped moulds, the Feta is aged in brine to give it the characteristic flavor and crumbly texture of traditional Feta. Use it as a salad topper, crumble over a pizza, bake into bread or serve this salty cheese as an appetizer alongside some-thing sweet. Our $4 - $7 pyramids are sold whole or halved and are packed in brine for extended shelf life.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Fresh Mozzarella: Most are familiar with Mozzarella cheese, but there is quite a difference in flavor and texture between fresh Mozzarella and the rubbery commercial variety. Fresh Mozzarella can be hard to find and fresh artisan Goat Mozzarella is a rarity. It is hard to come by because the hand stretching required is very time consuming. Balls of fresh Mozzarella are sold in a light brine which helps them to retain their moist texture and shape. Our Goat Mozzarella is smooth, mild and creamy.  Keep fresh Mozzarella in its liquid bath until ready to eat, and enjoy it within a week of purchase.  Mozzarella at Victory Hill Farm is available during tomato season.

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Chevre: Pronounced "shev", Chevre is the French word for goat, and chevre cheese refers to cheese made from goats' milk. Chevre is a light, soft, somewhat crumbly goat cheese that is similar in consistency to cream cheese with a sharper taste. Chevre melts wonderfully or can be eaten on crackers or bread, or spread as an alternative to cream cheese. Chunks of soft chevre are excellent in salads or make a great addition on a cheese and fruit plate. Our traditionally flavored fresh chevre is drained in pyramid-shaped moulds and is carefully wrapped to retain this unique shape.                                                                                                                                                                         

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Dill Mix Chevre: A savory chevre featuring dried dill, onion and garlic produced here in western Nebraska. (www.rickyandlucysgreenhouse.com)   Delicious with plain crackers or French bread, or use on a pizza. This local favorite is our best seller! 
Raspberry Chevre: This spreadable treat is for those with a sweet-tooth and for dessert lovers. A chevre base with raspberry jelly and powdered sugar blended in makes for a delectable snack. Use it as a sweetened cream cheese on a bagel, on crackers as an appetizer, or as a customer favorite, straight out of the container!
We will also have various flavors on a rotational basis, such as Jalapeño, Orange, Italian and other prototypes.
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